Lawn care - Let us do the maintenance!




Lawn Mowing and Trimming Services

 Christen Farm Nursery's lawn mowing service goes above and beyond, standing above the rest.  Planting beds, walkways, and drives are power blown clean.  For an extra charge weeds are done away with as our mowing crews are on site with licensed pesticide applicators.  

 Lawn Fertilization

We offer a five step fertilization program that is granular.  This program is partially chemical and organic based.  We are concerned about our client's family and pet's health, and the environment.  We do use chemical weed or insect killers when necessary.  We spot spray which reduces our usage by 80%.  We add organic matter to your soil, which in turn stimulates microbes in the soil.  This means that you lawn will actually need LESS nitrogen and other nutrients from fertilizers.  Each year we maintain your lawn it becomes healthier and stronger.

We offer an Organic Lawn Care program as well, 100% chemical free.

We sell all of our lawn care products at the Garden Center for you to purchase and apply yourself if you desire.  One of your knowledgeable staff will help you make the right purchase for the at the right time for the application.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

For your landscape needs, our staff can come in as often as you like and keep your yard a paradise.  They will trim your shrubs and trees, clean up your planting beds and diagnose any pest or disease problems you may have.  This service also includes weed control. 


Other Services:

Tree Drench

Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Annual Planting