Save your Autumn Blaze Maple by Trimming

The Autumn Blaze maple tree is a hybrid species comprised of a mix of red maple and silver maple. This fast growing, easy to care for tree with gorgeous fall color has been wildly popular for 20 years in commercial and residential landscape.

Have you ever noticed after a big storm or high winds you are seeing breaking, splitting or damaged branches to your Autumn Blaze Maple? Structural weakness is the one drawback of this variety, but with some maintenance it can be avoided. To avoid these problems property owners must invest in regular tree care. Tree care and pruning allows the wind to be able to go through the tree without breaking branches while still providing your yard with the shade you desire. maple tree storm damage.jpg

Maintaining Autumn Blaze Maple Trees requires regular pruning every 4 to 6 years. Regular structural pruning helps keep the structure of the tree and can prevent some breaking and splitting issues. Please consult your local tree service for a structural pruning or thinning out the canopy for your taller trees.

Canopy Maintenance Helps Prevents Broken Branches, It's up to you.


If an Autumn Blaze Maple tree has been in your landscape for more than five to ten years without any structural or upper canopy pruning, please contact a local tree service or a certified arborist ASAP because these trees require regular pruning.

Mid-summer is also the best time to prune trees such as maple and birch. When pruned in spring these species may lose excessive amounts of sap. However, pruning should not be done too late in the fall as wounds will not have a chance to heal before winter.

I’m not exaggerating here, they really do need regular care in order to stay in your landscape long-term. Unmaintained trees develop weak branch attachments (cracks) prone to failure, which ultimately can mean losing the entire tree.

Invest a few hundred dollars in trimming to save the time and love you have put into growing your beautiful trees.